In simple terms, laser marking is an uninterrupted or ongoing process that practically and systematically utilizes a highly concentrated beam light to form an everlasting mark on the surface of a plastic. It has been specifically designed with fiber or UV laser machine and it should also be taken into consideration that the laser marking machine has encompassed a well-diversified range of applications. The several types of laser marking machines have been briefly enlisted below:-

  • Carbon migration
  • Annealing
  • Etching 
  • Engraving
  • Discoloration 

Moreover, laser marking machine gets easily processed and automated at high speed, while leaving everlasting traceability marks on a wide range of materials. It mainly includes titanium, copper, steel, plastic, paper, and cardboard. Products can be easily marked with text involving serial numbers. Machine-readable-based data like Unique ID codes and bar codes or graphics have also been used for the purpose of Laser Printing machines on plastic

How does the Laser Printing machine on plastic actually works?

The Laser printing machine primarily works by making use of a focused beam light in order to mark the surface of any material. When the beam gets interacted with the surface of any material, it alters the appearance of material property. 

This concentrated beam light has targeted only a specific region, thereby permitting the laser-based marking machine to create high-quality, precise, and high contrast marks that can be easier to read or scan any surface. Such kind of unique characteristics has made laser marking machines an ideal one for applications where both permanency and accuracy are mounting towards success.  

While compared with other non-permanent marking process such as labeling or printing, laser marking machines have used no consumables and needs less maintenance cost. The laser marking system is so well-efficient that it can engrave any materials on the plastic surface without any delay. 

How to make use of a Laser Printing machine on plastic?

There are various kinds of laser-based marking systems, and each of them has operated differently. The right process of using the machine depends primarily on the material you are actually functioning with and obviously the application you are utilizing. 

Moreover, it should also be noted that whenever you are using any laser-based marking machine, it is significant to follow the safety norms. But be rest assured because laser marking machines is safe compared to other machines. 

What are some of the essential benefits or advantages of using a Laser Printing machine on plastic?

Manufacturers have acquired enormous benefits from this laser marking machine. whether it is a fundamental part recognition or branding, and traceability of plastic-made products. In this regard, some of the essential benefits of laser machine has been described below:-

  1. It has provided greater efficiency and productivity with less wastage 
  1. It has offered more accountability and visibility
  1. It has eliminated the chances of costly threats such as counterfeiting issues and quality
  1. It ensures compliance with industry rules and regulations
  1. It is flexible, durable and has provided high-quality services concerning laser markings   

What is significant about using a Laser Printing machine on plastic

Plastics are actually materials that pose severe challenges with regard to most of the marking systems. The main motto of a marking system is to make permanent or everlasting legibility of markings, but ink, for illustration has inborn restrictions. However, all the plastics are not identical. 

The varying range of additives and properties in plastics often need individual effective marking solutions. Lasers are much more consistent or uniform that produces maximum results of printing plastics in the long run. 

What are the different kinds of laser markers for plastics? 

Some of the several kinds of laser plastics has been vividly enlisted below:-

  • Color change
  • Foaming
  • Ablation 

Key points to be taken away:-

We have offered you the most effective solution to meet your requirements concerning the laser-based marking of plastics. We have tried our level best to provide you with standard quality laser machines at a reasonable cost that suits your budget. Still, if you find any kind of problem then kindly send us an email we will connect with you soon.   

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